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Classify yourself into the group that best describes you:

Person with a developmental disability

If you answered "other" in the previous question,  please explain

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Did you know of the existence of the DD Council before accessing our WEB page?


If you answered yes, how did you know of us?

Consumer in a project funded by a DD grant

Is the information about the DD Council in our WEB page clear?


Was the information found in our WEB page useful?


What information or other topics would you like to access through our page?


If you have been a professional or person with a developmental disabilities participating in one of the projects funded by the DD Council, please answer the following questions.
Impact- Council activities have improved the ability of the individuals with developmental disabilities to
1. make choices and exert control over the services and supports they use

strongly agree

2. participate in community life

strongly agree

3. Council activities promote self-determination and community participation for individuals with developmental disabilities (satisfaction)

strongly agree

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