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¿What is the State Council on Developmental Disabilities?

The Council is a body established by federal law since 1970. He is currently authorized by Public Law 106-402 of 2000, known as "Developmental Disabilties Assistance and Bill of Rights Act" and administratively assigned to the Puerto Rico Planning Board.

60% or 18 board members are people with developmental disabilities or their representatives (parents or guardians). The remaining 40% or 12 members, consists of 11 representatives of government agencies and a representative of a private organization to serve this population.

The Council is funded through the Department of Health and Human Services federal and allocates 70% of its budget for projects that meet the current five-year plan. Public or private agencies, organizations, community-based organizations or nonprofit, and municipalities can apply for funding through proposals.

Among the many tasks of the Council are as follows:

1) Identify needs and develop a Strategic Five-Year State Plan five-year State Review and analyze the services, supports and assists people with developmental disabilities and their families.

2) Intercede for individuals with developmental disabilities participate in programs and activities that promote self-management and integration into their communities.

3) Conduct or support activities to obtain individualized services and supports.

4) Collaborate and coordinate with agencies and other councils to support and carry out activities of services to this population and their families.

5) Subsidies innovative projects and organizations that offer assistance for people with developmental disabilities.

6) Support and carry out activities to remove barriers that limit access for people with developmental disabilities to fully enjoy the services and activities in their communities.

7) Support and conduct activities to provide information to policy makers.

Functions of the Board

The Council followed the rationale for defining federal law has defined its mission and vision as follows:

Support the creation and development of initiatives to improve the quality of life and self-determination of people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Achieving full inclusion through coordinated action by all persons with developmental disabilities in society.

What is a developmental disability?

Severe or chronic physical or mental impairment or combination of both that:

• is manifested before the person reaches 22 years of age

• is of indefinite duration

• substantially limits three or more of the following areas of daily living: self care, receptive or expressive language, learning, mobility, self direction, capacity for independent living and / or economic self-sufficiency

• requires a combination of specialized, interdisciplinary and / or individualized lifelong or extended duration and individually turn planned and coordinated

Areas of Emphasis

Given these characteristics and areas of emphasis or priority established by law, the Council will support those activities that are directed to the intercession (especially self-advocacy), systemic changes and expand the capacity of this population and to respond to the plan
five years. The five-year plan from 2012 to 2016 focusing on the following areas: early intervention and education, employment, health, housing, recreation, transportation, community support, quality assurance of life focused on prevention of abuse and mistreatment and implementation of laws protecting this population, and the training of professionals who provide direct or indirect services to people with developmental disabilities.